With an increasing amount of electric vehicles on the road, it’s becoming important for businesses to supply a charging point. CLM Electrical have seen an increase in the number of installations we see from employers.

We work only with the best brands of EVCP units- Rolec moving you in the right direction for your charging needs at work.

We only install charging points that are suitable for your business’s needs, so whether you an office block, supermarket, pub or hotel we can help. Our team is highly versatile and can assist you with any EVCP questions you might have.

Before we come to you, there are some things you should ask yourself:

Questions To Ask Yourself Before We Arrive

· Do you require the unit to be free to charge or pay to use?

· Is your carpark secure? If not you might want to think about having access control

· How quickly do you need the vehicle to charge?

· Is the charging unit for employees or for fleet vehicles?

· Are you looking for wall-mounted charge points or free-standing points?

· Do you need some way of billing the users for charging their vehicle?

· Is the charging unit for customers during a short stay?

Having the answers to these questions will help us deliver the right product to you and the users. Because each EVCP unit offers a different rate of charging, it is imperative you choose the right one that benefits your staff/customers.

Benefits everyone

Creating access to vehicle charging points benefits not only your staff but your customers; offering people the opportunity to charge up allows them to stay longer at your business. This, in turn, can increase the number of visitors and potentially make you the leading choice out of your competitors.

With the increasing usage of pinpointing charging points; we can literally put your small business on the map for good.

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